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TODO list

1) <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, intial-scale=1"/> Should be initial-scale I’m guessing

2) Using <div class=’def’> is not working as I’d hoped. MediaWiki puts a <p> element inside. Can we use <source> instead. You might have to install a MediaWiki plugin to make <source> work.

3) The def text is showing up as text and in the textarea – we should hide the text (hide the dotted bordered element)

4) Run/Hide/Font buttons show on IE but only Run shows on Chrome

5) I want some styling to make it look less like default wiki

6) Create an about page that documents the special words used include examples.

7) Install some more NoSQL engines and have tabs.

  • CouchBase
  • MarkLogic

8) Get working

9)Make font button work on textarea not .res